GRANT 3   $1,000
Grantee was going blind and did not have the funds needed for plane tickets to travel to see his son get married. 

GRANT 11   $2,500
Grantee lost her offspring in a tragic accident.  The cost to bury their child was extreme and wiped out the family's savings.  The grant was to help with basic living expenses.

GRANT 14   $2,500
Grantee is retired and battling cancer and needs to travel to a distant location for specialized cancer treatment. The grant is used to provide living accommodations during treatment.

GRANT 6   $300
Grantee was unable to afford food.

GRANT 5   $1,000/mo for 3 months
Grantee is suffering from Stage 4 bladder cancer and is unable to work. He is the sole bread-winner for the family so the family is without any source of income. The FUND is providing $1,000 a month for living expenses for three months at which time, the family can re-apply.

GRANT 13   $1,500
Grantee was unemployed and needed money for basic living expenses for her and her two children.

GRANT 12   $500
Grantee lost everything in a house fire. Grant was for the purchase of work clothes.

GRANT 8   $2,100
Grantee with a debilitating illness was unable to pay a medical lab bill which was preventing them from receiving further lab work.

GRANT 17   $2000
Grantee suddenly had a child pass away and was unable to pay for burial and other expenses associated with the death

GRANT 10   $4,000
Grantee underwent many months of chemo treatment, was unable to work full-time and fell behind on their mortgage. The mortgage company was set to foreclose unless the grantee paid $4,000, a sum that would then allow them to enter into a repayment agreement for the remainder of the overdue amount.

GRANT 7   $2,100
Grantee was unemployed and being evicted from their apartment.  

GRANT 2  $4,000
Grantee was in a physically abusive relationship.  The spouse left the family with little money and no credit.  The situation was onerous on the offspring so much so that one was suicidal and insurance would no longer pay for therapy and counseling. The FUND provided money for 6 months of counseling.

GRANT 1  $2,600

Grantee was unable to pay two medical bills totaling $2,600. These bills were over a year old and were in collection.  The FUND paid the medical bills.

GRANT 4   $600
Grantee suffered a debilitating stroke and was not able to work full time. The fund provided $600 for basic living expenses.

GRANT 15   $650
Grantee is unemployed due to a broken limb. Grant was used for rent.

GRANT 16   $850
Grantee is unemployed and under medical care and was unable to pay their insurance premium.

GRANT 9   $1,500
Grantee was unable afford transportation to a specialized center for the treatment of an advanced stage cancer.